Child Playing
Child Playing
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What is AutPlay?



AutPlay is a form of child therapy which combines Play Therapy and Behaviour Therapy, and supports children and families who are impacted by ASD, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. It is appropriate for children and adolescents 3 – 18 years, with mild through to severe impairment.


AutPlay is a collaborative model of therapy. The therapist works at intervals with the child and family, and it includes a parent training component, which teaches parents how to deliver AutPlay sessions at home in order to further increase the skills and abilities of their child.


AutPlay involves a comprehensive assessment process which allows the therapist to evaluate the child’s level of basic functioning, capacity for emotional regulation, and skill levels related to social functioning and relational connection.


Through combined structured play interventions and behavioural therapy approaches, children are supported to function at more optimal levels in their day-to-day environments through building skill development in:


  • Increasing emotional regulation

  • Increasing social functioning

  • Increasing connection (through meaningful & appropriate relational development)

  • Improving sensory regulation

  • Reducing anxiety levels

  • Addressing behavioural challenges



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